The dosing and closing system for big bags.
The dosing and closing system for big bags.
The dosing and closing system for big bags.

The maximum Big-Bag-outlet diameter?

400 mm

Are there special versions for bigger diameters available?

No, this would cause high costs and efforts, the device would be disproportionally expensive.

How to power the Python?

By a commercially obtainable drill machine or cordless screwdriver.
Recommended drive torque: 10 Nm

Is the power unit part of the scope of delivery?

No, every customer has his own preferences by experience. That is why we leave the choice and the purchasing to the customers themselves.

Can I tie off a stationary pillar with Python?

No, therefor we do not assume the responsibility or warranty.

What for is the extra front part?

For some applications, it is required to leave the front part at the Big-Bag. Another front part is necessary, if the Python is to be assembled at another workstation meanwhile.

Are there demonstration or loan devices available?

No, after the loan devices have been returned in a bad condition several times, we have cessed this service. With this range of pricing, the follow-up costs have been too high.

What does the loop consist of?

The loop consist of a stable hydraulic hose, thus it is practically free of wasting.

How long is the delivery time?

Generally, Python is an „ex stock product”, during peak-periods, delivery might last two weeks.

Terms and conditions?

Delivery EXW, packaging 6,--EUR, freight as costs.
Payment in advance for first deals and deliveries outside Germany.